4 ottobre 2013


An increasing number of organizations and businesses have recently started to introduce enterprise collaboration  systems in their internal communication and interaction processes.
Yet, very often in our experience at OpenKnowledge, these companies use an approach that could be described (as a recent paper does) “as experiential, or laissez-faire,  meaning that they installed the system and invited their staff to use it” – without a clear cultural change management, without a co-design approach and without an engaging communication plan-just to name a few issues.

This lack of strategic support and design often led to a high degree of unsuccess while the engagement rate remain lower than expected. As the authors suggest: “We argue that the laissez-faire approach did not  stimulate (the full potential of) project success. The findings also show that the introduction of social software brings about cultural rather than technical challenges. These cultural  challenges can be anticipated and should be managed ex ante, not ad hoc”.

The study outline that “a) the adoption of Enterprise Collaboration Systems faces usage barriers, most prominently in the form of cultural challenges, which are less tangible and more intricate to deal with than the technical aspects. The nature of these challenges implies that ECS initiatives should be driven by executives in charge of strategy, not solely IT departments; b) following traditional recipes for large-scale IT implementation poses problems of assuming an overly technical focus and not adequately considering the cultural dimensions of ECS introductions; c) a laissez-faire approach hinders project success in several ways: Firstly, missing clarity of requirements and objectives prevents identification of project success or  failure. And secondly, cultural challenges can be anticipated and should be managed ex ante, not ad hoc; d) introducing an ECS requires a strategy, including a definition of project success, expected benefits, as well as describing use cases and requirements and outlining ways to manage cultural change and usage barriers” (from: Roland Diehl, Tim Kuettner, Petra Schubert, “Introduction of Enterprise Collaboration Systems: In-depth Studies Show That Laissez-faire Does Not Work”, 2013)

Here the link to the research paper:$FILE/18_Diehl.pdf


Roberto Cabrelli