Social intranet in siemens

21 ottobre 2013


Reference + is a social platform designed to support the worldwide sharing of business-related knowledge, experiences and best-practices at Siemens. The Siemens knowledge management approach has a strong focalization on the user community, which currently involve about 10,000 registered members distributed in more than 75 countries. As a recent study of Alexander Stocker and Johannes Müller (2013) outlines the “social intranet” is intended for internal corporate use (by Siemens employees) only and thus available within the Siemens intranet. The platform contains knowledge references (customer projects, solution/service concepts, etc.) and suitable documents, several discussion forums (urgent requests, etc.) and a microblog section. To measure the individually perceived benefits generated by References+, the researchers run a user survey (performed in 2011). As the researchers clarify: “The paper not only evaluates the survey results received from nearly 1,500 respondents, but also detects and discusses any correlations to factual use and contribution behavior measured by an evaluation of the respondents’ system usage statistics. This allows a first attempt to explore the potential of a combination of perceived use and benefits (as measured by the user survey) with factual use (as measured by the corresponding usage statistics). As an important finding of this research, it was observed that higher perceived benefits correlate with usage frequency and the number of viewed contributions. The correlation is less strong regarding average contribution activity and for some cases ambiguous regarding the number of followers. Furthermore, it can be reported that in general a higher perceived use is also reflected in a higher factual use and in a higher number of followers. Users with high intrinsic motivation use Web 2.0 platforms more often than less motivated colleagues. Hence, the probability of perceiving any related benefit might be higher for frequent users since they are more active and thus able to explore a higher number of potentially positive aspects of the platform.Therefore, factual and perceived benefits are among the most important and sustainable motivation factors for using a Web 2.0-based platform such as References+” (Alexander Stocker and Johannes Müller, “Exploring Factual and Perceived Use and Benefits of a Web 2.0-based Knowledge Management Application: The Siemens Case References+” (2013).

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