Transformation happens when an idea becomes a project
To be relevant in the present, we need fluid and heterogeneous competences. And great projects to realize.


Digital learning for the citizens of the future, starting with Milan.

Who we design the present with

Strategic and operational development of the internal communication, for the leading italian insurance company.

Digital mindset development and design of a global digital workplace, for an international FMCC with a genuine italian heart.

Design and implementation of a new digital workplace, for one of the main banking group in Europe.

Strategy and management of the employer branding multichannel activities targeted for millenials and centennials, for a historic Italian bank.

Redesign of the digital connection between a global pharm company and its audience of pharmacists.

Ongoing support to the internal and commercial communication for one of the main banking group in Italy.

Design of a training platform focused on collaboration and gamification and
customer experience analysis to improve the shipping service.

Redesign and narrative repositioning for a brand with a high-tech content targeted to the consumers.

How to be OK
There is a method in our being fluid.
We make things happen by using a systemic approach
made of contamination and heterogeneity.