Where working is OK
To us, working together means giving voice to diversity, mixing different competences and points of view to create something new. Our spaces are made especially to stimulate ideas and inspire the creativity.
Our offices
Where does the inspiration
Spaces open to sharing, conflation, creativity and self-expression, where you can keep on learning.

Coloured, open, original: the Milan HQ is the pride of OpenKnowledge. A space dedicated to the people and a perfect location for workshops, shootings and learning events.

Together with Bip Group, our ideas travel and get contaminated all over the world.
20 locations in 12 countries: each place is a space for sharing and collaboration between complementary realities.
Open positions
We’re always looking for OK people
Addicted to innovation, open to conflation, ready for the challenges of the present.

Junior Consultant – Categoria Protetta L.68/99

JULY 2023 |  MILAN    |    

Graphic Design Intern

JULY 2023 |  MILAN    |    

Digital Learning Consultant

OCTOBER 2023 |  MILAN    |    

Culture Design Consultant

JANUARY 2024 |  MILAN    |    

Consulting Intern

APRIL 2024 |  MILAN    |