This information on the processing of personal data is provided by OPENKNOWLEDGE S.R.L. (VAT and Tax Code 07900400966), with registered office in Via Olona, n. 2 – Milan (MI), in the person of its legal representative pro tempore.

Openknowledge s.r.l. is the owner of the web domain name and website (hereinafter also referred to as the “Website“) on which the User may release his/her personal data to receive further information on the Event.
However, registration for the Event will be managed through the Microsoft s.r.l. Certain platform.
This privacy policy is provided to users who, in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Policy, have not yet registered for the Event:
by accessing the website, intend to receive information material on the Event, by entering their data in the form on the website mentioned;
when registering for the Event (on Microsoft’s Certain platform) have expressed their consent to Microsoft s.r.l. transferring to Openknowledge S.r.l. the personal data of the User released during registration for the Event.

In accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (hereinafter, “GDPR“) and current national legislation on the protection of personal data, Openknowledger.l. (VAT and C.F. 07900400966), with registered office in Via Olona, n. 2 – Milan (MI), in the person of the legal representative pro tempore (hereinafter, “Owner” or “Company“), PEC:, will process your personal data as Data Controller in accordance with the provisions of the law and inform you about the use of such personal data.

The personal data collected through the contact form referred to in the website are: name, surname, e-mail address;
the data collected by Microsoft s.r.l. are the same as those referred to in the preceding point, in addition to the job description and company name of the company in which the user is employed
In the following, the above data are referred to as, the “Data“.

The Data may be processed by computer and/or telematic means, with organisational methods and with logic strictly related to the purposes indicated.
The Data Controller shall process the Data by adopting appropriate security measures aimed at preventing unauthorised access, disclosure, modification or destruction of the Data.
The processing of Data may include operations of collection, recording, updating, organization, storage, consultation, processing, modification, selection, extraction, comparison, interconnection, blocking, erasure and destruction of Data.

Data is collected for the purpose of:
respond to your request for contact, made through the Company’s website;
to carry out the necessary activities to allow the redirection of the user browsing the Site to the online platform that allows registration for the Event, operated by Microsoft;
send the user communications and information relating to the Event itself (e.g. organisational aspects, documentation of the activities carried out, information material);
send communications for marketing purposes related to the Event and/or Openknowledge s.r.l. even after the Event.
The provision of data for the purposes of treatment referred to in points 5.1.1. to 5.1.3. is mandatory and your refusal will make it impossible for us to respond to the contact request sent to the Company.

The Data are processed exclusively by personnel and collaborators of the Company or by companies expressly appointed as responsible for the processing of personal data. Outside of this case, the Personal Data will not be communicated to third parties or disseminated, except in cases specifically provided for by national or European Union law.
In addition to the Data Controller, in some cases, the Data may be accessed by categories of employees involved in the organization of the Site (administrative, commercial, marketing, legal, system administrators) or external parties (such as third party technical service providers, couriers, hosting providers, IT companies, communication agencies) also appointed, if necessary, Data Processors by the Data Controller. The updated list of Managers may always be requested from the Data Controller.
The Data may be communicated, even without the consent of the Data Controller.

The Data are processed at the operating offices of the Data Controller and in any other place where the parties involved in the processing are located. For further information, please contact the Data Controller.

The Data are processed for the time necessary to perform the service requested by the user, or required by the purposes described in this document and, in any case, no later than 18 months from the date of the Event.

Finally, we inform you that articles 15-22 of the GDPR give the interested parties the possibility to exercise specific rights; as interested party, you may obtain from the Company access to your Data, rectification, cancellation, limitation of the processing of the same, revocation of consent, portability of personal data concerning you and exercise at any time the rights under the relevant legislation by sending an e-mail to or by sending a registered letter with return receipt to the address of the registered office of the Owner.

WHY THIS COOKIE POLICY? The purpose of the Cookie Policy is to make known the procedures followed for the collection, through cookies and/or other monitoring technologies, of information provided by users when they visit the Site.
GENERAL INFORMATION ON COOKIES AND OTHER MONITORING TECHNOLOGIES. We use cookies in some areas of our site. Cookies are files that store information on your hard drive or browser. They allow this site to check if you have already visited the site. Cookies allow us to understand which pages of the site are most visited as they allow us to see which pages are visited and for how long. With this data we can make the site more responsive to your requests and easier to navigate. For example, cookies allow us to ensure that the information on the site in your future visits matches your preferences. We would like to inform you that you can configure your browser to accept all cookies, refuse all cookies, or warn you when a cookie has been sent. Each browser is different, so you should click on the “HELP/AIUTE” menu in your specific browser to learn how to change your cookie preferences. For example, in Microsoft Internet Explorer, you can disable or delete cookies by selecting “Tools/Internet Options” and changing your privacy settings or by selecting “delete cookies”. Please note, however, that when a site has been structured to use cookies, any uninstallation of cookies may affect the operation of the site and may not allow the best use of the site.

The Company informs you in detail below about the types of cookies used by the site.
The Italian Data Protection Authority’s measure (provision no. 229 of 8 May 2014, published in the Official Gazette no. 126 of 3 June 2014) has categorised cookies into two macro-categories: “technical” cookies and “profiling” cookies; in addition, cookies have been categorised according to the person who operates as the owner of the processing of personal data collected by the cookie, distinguishing between first party cookies and third party cookies.
With reference to the above categories of cookies, Openknowledge S.r.l. would like to provide you with every useful detail in a transparent manner below:
Technical cookies
Technical cookies are those used for the sole purpose of carrying out the transmission of a communication over an electronic communications network, or to the extent strictly necessary for the provider of an information society service explicitly requested by the subscriber or user to provide that service.

They are not used for any other purpose and are normally installed directly by the owner or operator of the website. They can be divided into navigation or session cookies, which ensure normal navigation and use of the website (allowing, for example, to authenticate to access restricted areas); analytics cookies, similar to technical cookies when used directly by the operator of the site to collect information, in aggregate form, on the number of users and how they visit the site itself; functionality cookies, which allow the user to navigate according to a series of selected criteria (for example, language, products selected for purchase) in order to improve the service provided to the same.

The installation of these cookies does not require the prior consent of users.

Profiling cookies
Profile cookies are designed to create user profiles and are used to send advertising messages in line with the preferences expressed by the user when surfing the web. Due to the particular invasiveness that these devices may have in the private sphere of users, the European and Italian legislation requires that the user must be adequately informed about the use of the same and thus express their valid consent.

First part cookies
These are the cookies managed by Openknowledge S.r.l. as the owner of the site. For these cookies, the obligation to provide information is incumbent on us as well as the obligation to indicate how to block the cookie.

Third party cookies
These are cookies managed by a third party other than Openknowledge S.r.l..

For these cookies, the obligation to inform and indicate the methods for any blocking of the cookie belongs to the third party, so Openknowledge S.r.l. will indicate the link to the site of any third party where these elements are available.

In both types of cookies (first party or third party), the collection of consent, which is necessary if the cookie is a profiling cookie, is done by means of a special banner on the home page of the site.

The table at the bottom of this statement lists all the cookies used by this website. The first group lists the so-called technical cookies whose use does not require the user’s consent. In the second group, profiling cookies are listed.
Please note that blocking technical cookies may affect the functionality of this website.

LINKS TO OTHER WEBSITES. This website may contain links or references to other websites. Openknowledge S.r.l. does not control the cookies/tracking technologies of other websites to which this Cookie Policy does not apply.
HOW TO CONTACT US. If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding this Cookie Policy or the site’s Privacy Policy, please contact Openknowledge S.r.l. at the following addresses: Registered office: via Olona 2 – 20123 Milano (MI) Italy; Send e-mail to
UPDATING OF THIS COOKIE POLICY. This Cookie Policy was updated on 6.3.2019. Any updates will always be published on this page.
Use of cookies
The “Site” uses cookies to make our services simple and efficient for users who view pages Users viewing the site, will fill the minimal amounts of information in your devices, which are computers and mobile devices, in small text files called “cookies” stored in the directories used by the Web Browser User. There are several types of cookies, some to make more effective use of the Site, other to enable certain functionality.

Analyzing in detail our cookies allow you to:

store preferences included;
avoid re-enter the same information several times during the visit such as user name and password;
analyze the use of the services and content provided by to optimize the browsingexperience and services offered.
Types of cookies
Technical Cookie

This type of cookie allows the proper operation of certain sections of the site. There are two categories: persistent and session.

Persistent: once closed the browser are not destroyed but remain up to a preset expiration date

Session: they are destroyed every time the browser is closed.

These cookies, always sent from our domain, are required to view the site and in relation to technical services offered, we will be increasingly used and then sent, unless the user does not change the settings in your browser (thus affecting the display of site pages).

Analytical cookies

Cookies in this category are used to collect information about the site. will use this information in respect of anonymous statistical analysis to improve the use of the Site and to make the content more interesting and relevant to the wishes of users. This type of cookie collects anonymous data on the activity of users and as it came on the Site. The analytical cookies are sent from the same site or from third-party domains.

Cookie analysis of third-party services

These cookies are used to collect information on the use of the Site by users in anonymous form such as page views, time spent, traffic sources of origin, geographic origin, age, gender and interests for the purposes of marketing campaigns . These cookies are sent from third-party domains external to the Site.

Cookies to integrate products and functions of third-party software

This type of cookie incorporates features developed by third parties within the pages of the Site as icons and preferences expressed in social networks in order to share the contents of the site or for the use of services, third-party software (such as software generate maps and additional software that offer additional services). These cookies are sent from third-party domains and partner sites that offer their functionality in the pages of the Site.

Profiling Cookies

Those cookies are needed to create user profiles in order to send advertising messages in line with the preferences expressed by the user within the pages of the Site., according to current legislation, it is not required to seek consent for cookies and technical analytics, as necessary to provide the required services.

For all other types of cookies consent you may be expressed by the user with one or more of the following modes:

By specific configurations of the browser or its programs used to navigate pages that make up the site.

By changing settings in the use of third-party services

Both of these solutions might prevent you from using or view parts of the Website.

Web sites and third-party services

The Site may contain links to other Web sites that have their own privacy policy which can be different from the one adopted by and therefore not responsible for these sites.

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