The value of Purpose

Finding meaning in an organization: a duty towards people and the future

15 January 2024 2 min.

At a time when more and more attention is being paid to the social and environmental impact of companies, the concept of Purpose is becoming essential for organizations, which also include important events dedicated to the subject such as WOBI and Purpose Days.

Purpose goes beyond corporate identity and focuses on “why” an organisation exists, the meaning of its business and how it can contribute to the good of society.

What emerged from our research “Looking inside, looking at the stars” is first and foremost the need to disambiguate Mission, Vision and Purpose, all three being strategic levers for organizations. Knowing how to handle them can help management to build their own strategy and be competitive in the current market scenario.

To do this, you need to understand, define and adopt your Purpose in a conscious way, finding one in which everyone recognizes themselves and which expresses the identity of the company. But sustainability is not the only issue that matters: Purpose can be pursued even more effectively if one takes into account the well-being of people and the connection between Purpose and Profit.


Rosario Sica, cyber physicist by training, is an expert in digital transformation processes. After collecting several work experiences around the world, he is now CEO of OpenKnowledge (of which he was a founding partner in 2008), today part of Bip Group.

He is the author of books and articles on the evolution of digital technologies, organizational development and the management of innovation processes. With FrancoAngeli he published “Employee Experience. Il lato umano delle organizzazioni nella quarta rivoluzione industriale” (2018; Engl. ed. 2019) and “Dall’Employee Experience al’Employee Caring. Le organizzazioni nell’era post COVID-19” (2022).

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