Employer Branding: the identity of a company

Reputation as key factor in the creation of the Company value.

21 January 2020 2 min.

“The Employer Brand”: this is the title of the article that in the 1996 Tim Amblerand Simon Barrow wrote and published on the Journal of Brand Managementas a reaction to the lack of qualified specialists into a market that was becoming increasingly competitive. 

After all, the question “How can my company stand out from competitors?” has been – and still is – present on the job market since the beginning of the 90’s. 

What is the Employer Branding strategy, today? 

The Employer Branding is the company’s ability to be truly attractive towards its internal stakeholders, both employees and “prospects”, namely potential candidates and talents. 

Today like yesterday companies continuously try to hire talented and motivated people that can make the difference in a competitive market full of diverse content and expertise.

Why Employer Branding is important?

recent research carried out by HR Randstad shows that more than 50% of potential candidates in Italy claim that “they won’t accept a job offer from companies with a bad reputation”. 

But there is more: the Employer Branding has a real impact on the business, acting on the quantitative dimension of an organisation. Research shows an increase of 10% in costs paid from a company with a bad reputation compared to those with a good reputation. 

At global level, instead, in 2016, LinkedIn estimated an average of $4,723 of costs paid from companies that don’t invest in Employer Branding. 

For a company, it is essential to invest in a Talent Acquisition capable of getting the best talents out there. 

But this option is still not enough: once attracted them, it is essential to find engaging levers to keep them on board and, hopefully, make them the first company’s “ambassadors”.  


Advertising campaigns, events and Career Days are not enough anymore: the new job market needs more effective and sustainable strategies to get a successful and long-term appeal. All of that falls within the concept of Employer Branding.  


In this regardOpenKnowledge boasts a long experience in the design of Human-centred’ plans to help companies that understand the need to build strategies for the Reputation and Experience within the company. By combining marketing and communication solutions with multichannel strategy, we can create the Employee Value Proposition, where happiness means working together and achieving concrete and sustainable business future. 

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