Il brand nell’era never normal

Raccolta polifonica di prospettive sull’imprevedibilità

16 May 2024 < 1

Il brand nell’era never normal is a book by Guerini Next in which our CEO Rosario Sica also made a contribution (pp. 88-103).

In his chapter, he outlines the fundamental importance of actively pursuing employee well-being. Not only as an ethical imperative, but also as a winning strategy for consolidating deep and lasting bonds with the organization. Genuine involvement that goes beyond the mere professional relationship, nurturing a corporate culture based on trust, mutual respect and individual satisfaction. 

By doing so, the phygital enterprise will enable the social enterprise, a smart and connected business, based on networks of relationships that activate intense and engaging flows of information, experience, and knowledge, for the benefit of all employees. 


Rosario Sica, cyber physicist by training, is an expert in digital transformation processes. After collecting several work experiences around the world, he is now CEO of OpenKnowledge (of which he was a founding partner in 2008), today part of Bip Group.

He is the author of books and articles on the evolution of digital technologies, organizational development and the management of innovation processes. With FrancoAngeli he published “Employee Experience. Il lato umano delle organizzazioni nella quarta rivoluzione industriale” (2018; Engl. ed. 2019) and “Dall’Employee Experience al’Employee Caring. Le organizzazioni nell’era post COVID-19” (2022).

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