Developing Awareness and New Behaviours Through Gamification
An engagement and communication program dedicated to increasing the awareness of the Operations employees (about 4,000 people in 70 terminals, owned stores, 6 gateways, and the Malpensa hub). This is the goal we set ourselves together with DHL Express Italy, through a solution based on developing a digital touchpoint that enabled an online gaming experience accompanied by onsite activities to increase user engagement and acquire virtuous behaviours.

Engagement levers:


To create greater engagement, storytelling and conceptual identity were designed to be declined within the platform and in the different outputs, aiming to guarantee a coherent and compelling experience accompanying the user throughout the project. The narrative was created with references to the organizational reality in terms of language and graphic elements and with an adventurous style. The main character is a DHL employee given a mission by a DHL courier from the future.

Digital experience

Digital engagement was developed through three different solutions:

    • Game: An immersive experience through soft competition mechanisms that encourage employees to test themselves. The game comprises incremental difficulty quizzes divided into 3 missions that can be played over 12 weeks, following the evolution of the story and referring to in-depth content.
    • Digital Library: To raise awareness of the project topics, a library with training content was created to support the user in learning and passing the quizzes and missions. The content was then organised in such a way as to facilitate consultation and was written with an engaging and immediate tone of voice.
    • Community: A digital noticeboard where users could post and upload material, sharing it with the rest of the group. Users have the opportunity to dialogue with each other and share best practices by stimulating each other, but also to have an informal space where post content, photos, and images that, although less relevant to the project, allow them to interact and get to know each other.

Guerrilla on site

The added strength of this project was a constant focus on the actual behaviour acted out by people daily. To do this, we constructed activities that maintained the playful and entertaining dimension, using behavioural design and nudging tools, thus relying on the now famous behavioural science theories.

These activities (real game experiences) could ‘bring to life’ purely digital initiatives by linking them to the physical workplace. For example, the placement in warehouses of specific prompts aims to address specific virtuous behaviours and, in parallel, a call to action to certify the action of these behaviours via digital feed.

Guerrilla on site
Guerrilla on site_spille
Guerrilla on site
Guerrilla on site_spille