Unipol Group

The Digital Workplace: a new way of working, communicating and collaborating.
Unipol’s Group’s pilot project on the Claims Department was awarder first place at the 2022 Intranet Italia Day for it’s Digital Workplace Pilot Project, which we at OpenKnowledge helped imagine and build. This project represents the first step of a much broader path that will lead to the adoption of a company-wide Digital Workplace. Strongly aligned with the business strategy dictated by the new 2022-2024 Plan Opening New Ways, this model is a building brick of the Group's digital transformation.

To trace the initial stages of the project we have to go back to 2019, when, with the adoption of the 2019-2021 Strategic Plan “Mission Evolve” led by the strategic driver “People and Technology”, Unipol Group made official its commitment to innovation and making people’s work more efficient. This is where the Digital Workplace project for the Group’s largest Department, the Chief Claims Officer (2,100 employees), was officially born, with the aim of creating and promoting a new way of working, collaborating and sharing knowledge.  

People make sense of technology, technology enhances people’s performance.

The biggest challenge for OpenKnowledge was to bring new technologies and processes into the Digital Workplace while maintaining a people-centric approach. How did we do it?

Through a collaborative approach based on listening to and understanding the needs of the people working in the Claims Dept. A series of initiatives allowed us to take a snapshot of the situation AS IS and implement an adoption plan to respond to each challenge, meeting people’s needs with a co-design of solutions.

The Adoption Plan was accompanied by a Communication Plan to:

    • Prepare for change, facilitating the adoption of the tool;
    • Enable the change, providing supporting information for proper use of the tool;
    • Maintain the change,  making people progressively autonomous within the DWP.

Thanks to this unique and integrated digital environment, we started on an evolutionary path where people are increasingly at the center, and the ultimate drivers and recipients of innovation.

Simply put: an environment developed with people, for people.