Transforming the Travel, Optimizing Offers and Business Models
It was developed to highlight the territory's most prestigious and hidden gems. The Piedmontese start-up tabUi turned to OpenKnowledge to define a strategy and a value proposition capable of coping with the critical growth that lies ahead in the future.

The Solution

A New Service Strategy

Thanks to user discussions, the new value proposition was defined to guide future business choices and reorganize the business model. To support this process, a timeline of specific interventions was created to expand and perfect the offer and its delivery method, accentuating the value of the community and integrating gamification dynamics.

Rethink The Business Model

tabUi’s offering has been revised and perfected to embrace the new value proposition and improve its positioning in the market compared to competitors. This involved designing new features and dynamics of use, introducing a new digital web touchpoint to accompany the app, reviewing the business model, and opening new potential revenue streams. Attention was placed on a model to enhance tabui’s uniqueness, remaining flexible and scalable to cope with the natural changes in business and user needs over time.

Research as a Guide

An in-depth analysis of the as-is experience was conducted thanks to mobile app tests with actual and potential users and interviews with tabUi partners. These revealed the service’s main areas of weakness and areas for improvement. On the other hand, the customer was actively involved through workshops and alignments throughout the entire project process, which allowed OpenKnowledge to match business objectives with user needs.

Optimized Usability for the App

To support the new service experience, OpenKnowledge also designed the new look of the tabUi mobile app. Thanks to tests with current and potential users, it was possible to optimize the usability and the UI from an accessibility perspective, improving the understanding of the various features and highlighting the content.