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Social business is about reinventing organizations

In many industries, today’s businesses and organizations face the so-called “digital transformation”. A common (and misleading) approach to this social and digital change journey focuses on technology migration to new architectures or operational processes optimization and business models redesign. While all those dimensions are relevant in our currently disruptive business ecosystems, at OpenKnowledge we believe [...]

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Technologies to empower future workforce

Wearable health trackers are the rage at the moment. A thin wrist band wirelessly connected to your smartphone can pretty much monitor your activity and general health, in the same way that only a short few years ago, required a hospital room full of computers, screens and wires attached to you while you slogged away [...]

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openknow RT @MagnetiMarelliT: #LapTimeCLub has joined 500 members. The online lab keeps on growing: join the #community, post your best ideas: http:…
openknow RT @CosimoAccoto: Reading "Exponential Organizations" > "turns organizations inside out" @openknow #socbiz #socialbusiness #bigdata http:/…
openknow RT @rsica: Hyperconnectivity is not a technological trend BUT is a cultural condition to which businesses have no choice but to adapt. @ope
openknow RT @MagnetiMarelliT: How could be possible to apply #V2I on ordinary cars? Think outside the box and publish your ideas



The new intranet has been designed with a strong approach to co-design and involvement of future users as a unique corporate portal (Digital Workspace), accessible also outside the organization’s internal network, to support daily operations of branches and internal offices. The Intranet plays a role of the single point of access to company’s technologies and available information, including all business applications. 

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Magneti Marelli Motorsport LapTime Club

Proposing new ideas and technological solutions, contributing to the evolution of existing technologies or suggesting different and alternative uses for these, through the aggregation function of the social network: Magneti Marelli Motorsport, the Magneti Marelli division dedicated to competitions, is launching an online collaborative platform for the generation of ideas called Magneti Marelli LapTime Club

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Miroglio: Social Media Monitoring

Miroglio Group is an Italian industrial icon and market leader. With a 2012 consolidated sales revenue of Euro 883.2 million, the group is a leading multinational organization in the textiles/clothing sector. Established in 1947, it operates in Italy and the world in 34 countries with 49 business operations, 6 production sites and over 2,000 single-branded stores and an annual production of 18 million garments.

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