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How Can Yammer Match Facebook Performance?

Ever since the Gen Y’s started marching into the workplace with their mobile devices and Facebook accounts, “Enterprise” leaders became paranoid about time wasting on “non-work” activities, often instituting a plethora of policy attempts to ban the use of social networking applications in the workplace. In recent times however the attitude to social networking at [...]

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Crowds and Firms in Open Innovation Management

At OpenKnowledge our daily activity is supporting organizations and businesses in their new practices and experiences regarding open innovation trends. This emerging path to innovation in an increasingly disruptive world implies the engagement and the empowerment of clients and consumers as well as employees, partners, value networks and business ecosystems actors in generating ideas. It [...]

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openknow RT @CosimoAccoto: Just published in Webook 2014 my article: #Digitalrealism - Beyond #BigData @267us @andremandelli @openknow @rsica http:/…
openknow RT @AlbertoMaestri: Come utilizzare #GoogleCalendar per gestire al meglio i processi di project management [PARTE 2]
openknow RT @ManueleMarcozzi: #opendata: quali sono, come usarli e perché contano (per noi amministratori parechio) via @openknow
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Philips Social & Digital Transformation

At global level, Philips is currently experiencing a digital transformation journey. The transformation is relying on the “digital@scale” – part of the “Accelerate!” strategic transformation program – that involves all the relevant business dimensions: organizational cultures and models, business strategies and practices, technological and operational infrastructures, analytics and intelligence capabilities.

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The new intranet has been designed with a strong approach to co-design and involvement of future users as a unique corporate portal (Digital Workspace), accessible also outside the organization’s internal network, to support daily operations of branches and internal offices. The Intranet plays a role of the single point of access to company’s technologies and available information, including all business applications. 

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Magneti Marelli Motorsport LapTime Club

Proposing new ideas and technological solutions, contributing to the evolution of existing technologies or suggesting different and alternative uses for these, through the aggregation function of the social network: Magneti Marelli Motorsport, the Magneti Marelli division dedicated to competitions, is launching an online collaborative platform for the generation of ideas called Magneti Marelli LapTime Club

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