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Idea Management Design at OpenKnowledge

Lately many large organizations, businesses and institutions are implementing digitally-enabled systems for idea management. The scope of these idea innovation projects is to make better use of employees’ expertise, skills, experiences, creativity and thus to gather, select and mature as many innovative ideas as possible. In times of chaotic markets, disruptive technologies, new organizational models, [...]

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At OpenKnowledge, we are often asked to improve management and business decisions enhancing customer journeys and experiences, relationship and content marketing practices, digital and social media strategies. In our projects, we suggest to improve the “listening” readiness of the company mining a staggering amount of social data, accessible today as never before - from social [...]

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Miroglio: Social Media Monitoring

Miroglio Group is an Italian industrial icon and market leader. With a 2012 consolidated sales revenue of Euro 883.2 million, the group is a leading multinational organization in the textiles/clothing sector. Established in 1947, it operates in Italy and the world in 34 countries with 49 business operations, 6 production sites and over 2,000 single-branded stores and an annual production of 18 million garments.

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Legrand: My Open

The website, launched in 2006, is the official communication instruments through which BTicino wished to make public the language for the domotica Open Web Net , which allows inter-operability between systems or devices of different technologies, brands or manufacturers.

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Bauknecht: Mr Bauknecht Campaign

Bauknecht is part of the Whirlpool world and is the brand with which the American multinational mainly sells its products – white household appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, etc. – in various important Central European markets: above all Germany, then Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Czech Republic, Hungary and Russia.

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