Awareness and learning in a gaming experience
Creating a strong synergy with the customer, learning to deeply understand their reality, is the first step to support their growth. After an in-depth analysis both on the Customer and on the Employee Experience, we created a learning platform for DHL to learn a new digital shipping tool, through gamification with an engaging storytelling.

Context Analysis

Inside DHL: getting to know the company to create synergy

Through direct interviews and shadowing with customer service, we stepped into the shoes of DHL to understand first-hand the experience of customers and employees with the online shipping tool, in order to identify the strategies for learning and adapting the new tool MyDHL+.

Construction of the learning platform

DHL Pro, the platform where knowledge is a game

We started by creating a format to make MyDHL+ user manuals more usable and we arrived at DHL Pro, a platform designed to convey training content in a stimulating and creative way: not just a collection of informative textual contents, but a storytelling developed like a game, to engage and encourage Collaboration with tools supporting a new Community.

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Gamification: namely, the new company’s e-learning process

Customer experience analysis

The Journey designed on the customer

With the aim of increasing the number of shipments made by non-subscribers, we conducted an analysis of the users experience on the three available channels: Click (website for online shipment), Walk (physical point) and Call (shipping via telephone with DHL operator). Through interviews, workshops and mystery shopping, we identified the personas and we built customer journeys for them, bringing out the main critical points of the experience on the three channels. We then identified the areas of opportunity to improve the shipping service, proposing solutions that were designed starting from the users’ needs.