UBI Banca

Describing a people-care employer through storytelling
How can we attract talent? By giving space to innovation, initiative, creativity and sharing ideas. Briefly, it means giving people space. We redesigned UBIs’ identity as an Employer with a new campaign and we enriched the Candidate Journey with a «galactic» game App.

Advocacy activity

The Brand speaks with employees’ voice

When a brand communicates through its peoples’ voice, its image gains credibility, trust and, lets face it, affection. We involved the more proactive employee in a project of Employee Advocacy, that made them effectively involved in the change and innovation process of UBI.

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App development for the candidate journey

UBIverse App: a galactic Candidate Journey

UBIverse is the app with which we brought closer UBI to young people by inserting in the Candidate Journey a game that takes place in space, an adventure that would stimulate talents to test themselves and send their résumé, also providing tips on how best to approach a job interview.