Digital learning for the citizens of the future, starting with Milan
Guiding people on a growth path as digital citizens, to navigate safely and fully understand the transformations around them, participating actively in this change.
Thanks to PortaDigitale, together with the joint team of BIP, Human Capital and Communication, we have created an accessible and inclusive learning platform to train citizens and make them increasingly independent in using the online services of the Municipality of Milan.

Brand construction

The city at a click away

From the naming to the logo, from the payoff to the visual identity: we have created a new brand inspired by the concepts of inclusiveness, digitization and the city of Milan. This is how the platform becomes the twelfth gate of the Milanese walls, with a logo that is both an opening and a fingerprint, representing the access to change.

Social Network

The future of the citizen starts with Facebook and Instagram

Posts, video pills and virtual appointments. We launched the project on social networks, activating a communication strategy with a double objective: to inform citizens about the possibility of receiving digital training and to enhance the services offered by the Municipality of Milan – to improve people’s daily lives.


Welcome to the Milan of the future

What made PortaDigitale’s design special?

Particular attention was paid to inclusiveness and sustainability, to create an accessible and simple environment that integrates all the functions of a training platform and the needs of a particular target: over 60s, NEETs, housewives and foreigners.

Extra content

How to build an inclusive platform


6 skills to become citizens of the future

We have created 12 interactive learning objects, based on what we have identified as the 6 fundamental skills of the digital citizen: family and sociality, safety, mobility and environment, health and sport, culture and work, services to citizens. An active training, which involves the user in an easy and useful way, with moments of interaction and tests that help with memorization. We have also made the training course even more captivating with the Digital Olympics, a “challenge” between the 9 Municipalities of Milan that focuses on the citizen as the protagonist of the digital transformation of the city.