The Candidate Journey becomes from an educational experience
Since the first contact between the company and the future employee, the development of the Customer Experience is leading to the evolution of the Employee Experience. We don’t believe a candidate’s experience should run out in a simple e-mail. We believe talented people, just like customers, should be motivated, amazed and enhanced.

User-Centered Approach

Knowing the target to understand the needs

What is attractive for a talent today? What is the motivation of a talent who introduces himself to a company? We analysed the target 18-30-year-olds to understand the needs and the expectations of young candidates.

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From Customer Experience to Employee Experience

Candidate Journey Design

Motivating talents of today with an online Hackathon

We decided to invest in a customized and engaging experience. To increase the Brand Reputation of Generali as an innovative, engaging and disruptive company, we created an online Hackathon and all educational materials, in order to motivate talents to design and build their ideal Candidate Journey.

Communication Strategy

People are the face of the Brand

A Social Network Campaign is today the best way to get attention, especially if the creativity is inspired by the most human aspect of the brand. We created adv banners and interview videos to tell the Hackathon with the strongest voice of Generali: people.